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May 14th, 2011


This site lists the best builds for Wizards in D3. There is a large number of diablo 3 wizard builds that will be viable in the game and it will depend on what content you are doing, if you are grouped, what classes you are playing with and your play styIe. I will be listing Wizard builds submitted to me by players, found online or created myself. I will also be posting helpfull information on how to play a Wizard and the skills available to them.

If you have any Wizard builds you would like to submit to this site please email them to admin@d3wizardbuilds.com. When you submit a build also submit information on how to play the build and any relivant information. Please use the battlenet diablo 3 character builder as it is currently the most up to date engine for making builds.

Here is a video that Force Strategy Gaming submited on how the diablo 3 wizard plays and slows off a lot of the skills they have available.

Diablo 3 Wizard Builds

D3 Wizard PVE Builds:

Arcane Slowing - Intended to take full advantage of Temporal Flux and deal high damage to Snared or rooted targets.

Demon Hunter Companion - Intended to control large groups of enemies in conjunction with a Demon Hunter friend.

Battle Bloodmage - A melee caster focused on short range attacks that help restore or steal life.

The Gun Show - Spectral blades to gain 5 FoI's, Teleport to pack, Time Bubble, Reversal, Bring the Pain (Meteor x2). Heavy on DMG and modifiers, very little DEF or CC so don't expect to do well with this solo.

Fun with Friends - This build is for use in a multiplayer game. It has few defensive spells and focuses on dealing about as much damage as possible. Use hydra to keep conflagration up, build up for Arcane Dynamo, and then unleash that energy with a fully powered Disintegrate. Since Diamond Skin is castable while channeling, its best to cast it just after you start channeling Disintegrate so get the maximum benefit from the rune.

Arcane MM Build - This is an arcane based Magic Missiles/Arcane Dynamo/Disintegrate build. Use Magic Missiles to build up AP and feed Arcane Dynamo, then dump all available AP into a prolonged Disintegrate, with its damage buffed by Glass Cannon, Arcane Dynamo, Intensify, Magic (Force) Weapon, and Sparkflint. Teleport because Teleporting is awesome, and Wave of Force as a PBAoE in case of getting surrounded by mooks.

Chain Lightning Build - This build is an east AOE damage build for farming. Will be great for trash but higher level packs may pose some problems.

Chain Lightning #2 - This is just like the above posters Chain Lightning, except it is for a more tactical approach. Lay down traps, use your frost nova for CC and crit chance, and critically hit with massive amounts of Chain Lightning for stun lock!

Endurance build - This build focuses on slowing enemies down giving me more time to deal damage and make up for low dps and keep monsters in AoE areas longer doing more damage.

Storm Shadow - A combination of illusionist skills and electric paralysis skills. lots of defense, cc, and mobility. weakness is lightening immunity

Debilitating Melee - This build works off the Holy Freeze style aura emitted by Ice Armor. Impactful Blades is there to deal additional slow and helps prevent enemies from getting too close. It is also the primary attack.

Arcane Orbit deals much more damage than an un-runed Arcane Orb, but requires you to be close to an enemy. However, the Ice Armor allows you to get close enough to damage enemies without them striking you (provided you micro carefully).

The amplified damage provided by Frost Nova allows your close-range spells to deal more damage in one quick burst (like instant-speed Explosive Blast right after Nova). Wave of Force is utility, as it can be used for damage or for knockback. The full knockback is not needed because of the slowing effect of Ice Armor.

Temporal Flux ensures that both Arcane Orb and Spectral Blades will slow, so that extra fast melee enemies will not be problematic. Astral Presence helps you spam orbs at close range and helps ensure that you will be able to cast spells whenever their cooldowns are up. Glass Cannon is there to take advantage of the damage amplification of Frost Nova.

This is strictly for use against melee enemies. I know this leaves me open to ranged attack, but I'm going to try it anyway lol

The Lich King - Massive aoe with endless chilled and frozen procs all while sucking the life out of everything around you.

Frost/Arcane Build - Here's mine, built around co-op use and supporting friends in battle. Ray of Frost is a primary attack, since it now costs 0 arcane power with the rune. Keep enemies slowed for allies by applying that and Blizzard liberally.

When in trouble, Frost Nova and then apply liberal Death Blossoms.

Galvanizing Ward and Energy Armor help keep the life and arcane power flowing, as does Astral Presence.

Ice Build

Arcane Regenerator - Description: Would be based around regening and using a lot of Arcane power for increased DPS with some slowing spells mixed in.

Follower: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/follower#1101

Arcane Orb Spammer

AoE Focused build featuring Disintegrate

Storm Warden Build - Pop mirror images, cast a blizzard , toss out some twisters that stay in place til oom, spam chain lightning till everything is dead.

Has a percentage chance to freeze from blizzard, has percentage chance to stun from paralysis.

Hopefully these are enough to cc monsters in place with both a nado and a blizzard on top of them and lightning hitting them for extended periods of time. The point is lots of cc while only casting damaging skills. Should work well with friends or solo if bliz and nado do enough damage.

Channel Dynamo - Use signature spam to power arcane dynamo, then channel either RoF or disintegrate while prism is active from full AP to empty. Take either spectral blade/thrown blade or some variation of electrocute as a builder. Spectral blade + cold weapon can proc cold-blooded for disintegrate. Archon as a dps cooldown, teleport for movement.

Void Ray - Wizard Ideally this would be a very high crit rate build, taking advantage of +AP on crit, among other things. Spam Disintegrate / Snow Blast, Chain lightning to recharge when needed.

Inferno Melee Survivor - People tend to think that they'll be doing lots of damage on end game. I disagree. I think that most of the time we will be running for our lives on Inferno. So, my focus with this build is to make a viable melee wizard for Inferno. This build is designed for high mobility, high defense and leeching damage.

Master Illustionist - The idea for this illusionist isn't to be a hybrid melee wizard like I have seen so many times before (once even in this thread, on page two I believe.)

Solo Inferno Build - Gear stack +AP on crit, crit, int and plus damage as much as possible. Kite like a pro and Archon for when it gets rough or walled.

Lightning Crit Build - It's all based on proccing crits. Your main stats will be precision and + AP/AP regen. Any gear that will shorten the CD of Frost nova, increase chance to stun, and/or proc lightning is good too.

Cryomancer - This build is built for sustained dps using ice spells. A cryomancer will definitely wish to keep away from the enemy as they are definitely a glass cannon.

Frost Fire Build - The setup for this build is pretty simple. You combine Conflagration, Cold Blooded, and Bone Chill for large DPS output. Alternating between Firebolts and Ray of Frost gives you great single target dps and kiting. Mammoth Hydra is meant to be your main Conflagration source. Comet + Frost Nova is your main aoe dump. With Bone Chill, Cold Blooded, and Conflagration on, Comet should hit like a truck. Teleport is personal preference for a defensive spell. It can be changed out for anything else you might wish. Same for Astral Presence. Blizzard might be a replacement for Comet, but I decided against it because it can't be stacked. Comet works as the better 100%-0% AP dump, but a Frozen Solid Blizz could be a lower dps-higher control build.

Lightning/Stun Build

Revised Tank Wizard

Arcane Wizard

Lightning Wizard


D3 Wizard PVP Builds:

The arenas are not going to be out when the game is released so PVP builds are not needed at this point.

Winter Is Coming - PVP build.